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Store floor plan

If you own a retail store or are considering opening a new retail location, there are a variety of challenges to be considered. The location, physical building space, inventory assortment, fixtures, store operations and financial accounting aspects represent a few of these challenges which require some very important decisions.

The decisions pertaining to each of these challenges are extremely important to the success and profitability of the business. However, for this segment, the focus will be on physical retail space, proper store fixturing and how to develop a successful retail atmosphere to support the inventory assortment.

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Terrific Customer Service

We love hearing how our associates are serving our customers, thanks for the feedback Michael, and Kaitlyn thank you for your amazing customer service!
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Good morning!  I just wanted to write you a short note to tell you how terrific Kaitlyn Surry is; I’m sure that you already knew that!I ordered a display case online which I really like. Despite your efforts in packaging it, however, the door was broken when I received it.I was lucky to get Kaitlyn on the phone who made sure I was sent a replacement door (with keys) as quickly as possible.

What really impressed me about Kaitlyn’s customer service was her follow-up. The part was out of stock and Kaitlyn made sure that I knew that she was on top of it for me. I received the replacement door with keys last night and I am very satisfied. On a side note, I am taking a business trip to KC very soon and Kaitlyn suggested a great BBQ place when I am there after I asked her!

Needless to say, I remain an enthusiastic customer of KC Store Fixtures and it is all because of Kaitlyn. Have a great day!

Michael D.
Lewes Beach, DE

New Video to Share

A few weeks ago, we mentioned on our Facebook page that Cole Lindbergh from I Got You a Song had stopped by to see us. Today we are excited to share with you the reason for that visit.

Cole has been working with us to create a video, and we are sharing it here for the first time  today.The entire process was a lot of fun, and we are very excited about the end result. Please take a few moments to watch and then let us know your thoughts.

Thanks so much Cole!

KC Store Fixtures Video


Associate Spotlight

Today we would like to feature one of our associates, Dianna. She is one of our customer service representatives. Her main focus is internet orders.

Dianna has been with our company for 11 years and told us that one of the things she loves about working for KC Store Fixtures is the people she works with. She said that everyone is willing to help each other when the need arises, and everyone is very flexible, pitching in and helping. Dianna said she also enjoys when she is able to visit local customers and see our fixtures in use. She says it gives her some great ideas for non-traditional uses that she is then able to share with other customers. For example she shared how Hillcrest Thrift Store had made some slatwall panels free standing by constructing a frame, and then was able to display merchandise on both sides using both baskets and hooks.

Dianna noted that sometimes a challenge like a shipping issue arises. While initially that might seem out of our hands, Dianna said that it’s great to know that we always do our best and go the extra mile to take care of our customers.

Dianna loves interacting with our customers and has some that she has worked with for several years. She states that being polite, helping the customer know what to expect from their order- (including shipping times and tracking information), and getting any additional information from the customer that will help us with their order, are all things that make her successful in her position. Her previous work experiences taught her to be very patient when working through issues. She knows doing her best when helping a customer really lets them know they are valued.

According to Dianna, things at KC Store Fixtures just keep getting better and better and she appreciates how her fellow employees all work well together and do such a great job. We wholeheartedly agree with her and that makes our jobs a lot of fun.

Dianna thank you for the great job you do helping our customers!