Custom P.O.P. Unit

2-Sided, Rotating P.O.P. Unit
Designed and Produced for


We can take a simple hand drawn sketch, create AutoCad drawings and ultimately produce your custom project. This piece has a carpet surface on both sides of a rotating unit with custom etched branding at the top of each side. It showcases 2 different styles of automotive mat covers made by Exactmats® in a simple, yet stylish manner. Give us a call at 800-862-0899 to discuss your custom fixture needs.

3 thoughts on “Custom P.O.P. Unit

  1. In all my years of business, I have never worked with a company that provides a level of customer service quite like KC Store Fixtures. They worked with me every step of the way to make a custom display that would work for our needs. I highly recommend you call KC Store Fixtures for and of your advertising needs.

  2. In my opinion KC Store Fixtures is one of the best business partners that we at ExactMats Inc. could have. With their unprecedented professionalism and product knowledge they transformed our display sketches into an outstanding display product that is sure to boost our companies revenue immediately.

    With outstanding customer service and the best prices on the market, dealing with them you cannot go wrong.

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