Maximum Merchandising with Mini Grid

Mini grid storage units from KC Store Fixtures help you merchandise, store, sort, and organize just about anything at your store, or in your home, including:

T-shirts √                  Footwear √          Consumables √
Sporting Goods √     Toys √                 Stuffed Animals √
Impulse Items √        Guinea Pigs √     And so Much More √

The number of uses seems almost limitless, and the design possibilities are almost overwhelming. Here are just a few examples:

For a limited time – 12 Cube Unit – $39.75 / black only

Mini grid shelf unit-black
Mini Grid Shelf Unit, 9 Shelf – Black

Mini-Grid Corner Unit (Available in red, white and black)

Mini grid corner unit, 4 shelf - red
Mini Grid Corner Unit, 4 Shelf – Red

Mini-Grid 6-Cube Unit in black or white

Mini Grid Unit, 6 Shelf - White
Mini Grid Unit, 6 Shelf – White

Versatile Wire Storage Cubes

As you can see, these extremely versatile wire grid storage units can be used to organize and merchandise t-shirts and other types of merchandise in a retail setting, or at a craft fair. They can also be used at home to organize playrooms, and closets, and offices; to help sort laundry; to help keep garages tidy; and yes, you can even use these wire grid fixtures as a Guinea Pig cage – just place the storage cubes on their back, with the openings facing upward. If space is a limited, even better, as the small footprint allows a very generous amount of storage space.

Durable, Easy to Assemble, Portable Wire Grid Units

These open-wire, lightweight, super strong (heavy-duty steel wire) mini-grid storage fixtures feature interlocking components that, when assembled, create very functional display cubes. They also come with a rubber coating to help protect contents. And, when empty, they are very portable, making it so easy to move from department to department, and room to room.

Mini-grid storage cubes are very easy to assemble. In fact, grid panels and connectors simply snap together, so no tools are even required, though the use of a rubber mallet can help ensure panels are securely in place.

Design Your Own Mini Cube Merchandising Fixtures

It’s very likely that one of our standard storage units will fit your current needs. However, please note that it’s also very easy to reconfigure KC Store Fixtures mini-cube units to meet future needs. So, whether you want a large or small storage unit, along with the ability to change the amount of storage, as needs change, simply know that the components can be easily taken apart and reconfigured.

Mini Grid Configurations

Order Now and Save on Mini Grid Storage Units

KC Store Fixtures often offers special pricing on select products, including some of our mini grid storage units – please visit to see our complete line, and to learn more about any specials that are available right now.

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