Rotating P.O.P. Slatwall Unit


This attractive and versatile fixture for displaying your product is an exclusive KC Store Fixtures item. The rotating fixture allows for maximum space utilization.

Order online at or call in at 800-862-0899.

4 thoughts on “NEW ITEM!!!

  1. This is a new product for us. We also have several other new products available that we are very excited about. We will continue to place new items and specials that we are running on our blog, so keep checking back for the latest!

    And yes we do ship internationally as well as domestically. Additionally, all stock items ordered by 2:00 pm will be shipped the same day.

    Thank you for your comment and please do not hesitate to call (800-862-0899) or comment here with any other questions or comments you may have. We are always excited to hear from our customers.

  2. This is one of several new products that we are excited to offer. We do ship anywhere domestically as well as internationally, so anything you see on our website or catalog can be shipped to you at very reasonable rates.

    Please feel free to call us (800-862-0899) if you have any further questions or comments. You may also continue to comment on our blog and keep checking back to see our latest specials or further new products.

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