Prepare for Christmas Shoppers

Prepare for Christmas shoppers by de-cluttering your store.

Too much choice overwhelms a customer’s mind and it shuts down. If you’re trying to improve conversion rates – and who isn’t, much like a writer, you need to edit.

Start with the easy things. Plan for a fall sale so you can move out these customer distractions.

Black Friday
Black Friday shoppers swarm retail stores in search of the best deal

The orphans
It’s great to have a must-have toy, accessory or tool – until you sell all but the last one. Before re-ordering, critically look and see if the market has moved on. Then slash the price of the last one – even if you sold a ton of them at full price.

The dogs
Sitting on complete lines that you ordered in the wrong color? Competitor blew them out at a low price? Who cares? Now’s the time to make them sound like gold and strike their price. If you have to, clean up the boxes, polish the chrome or do whatever it takes to make them look new again. Put up a sign that says, Special Purchase 60% off and move them out.

Once you’ve cleared out all of that merchandise,
don’t fill it up again with more stuff!

Give your edited collection of merchandise more space for customers to move in and around items so they stand out. Use smaller round tables nested around each other to create dramatic display areas for high-profit items throughout your store.