Real Deals on the Unreal; Mannequins and Forms

Retail mannequins, including full body mannequins, mannequin torsos, dress and shirt forms, jersey forms, and plastic shell forms are 10% OFF* through May 31, 2018 – just visit and when you’re ready to check out, use promo code UNREAL.

KC Store Fixtures offers a tremendous selection of display mannequins for everything from clothing, hats and jewelry in your retail stores, to extras on films and in TV shows, to presenting products at a trade show. They’re in stock, and ready for same day shipping. No minimums required, so order 1 or 100. Here’s just a few to choose from:

√ Female Mannequins                 √ Male Mannequins

√ Adult Jersey Forms                  √ Childrens Jersey Forms

√ Hand, Head and Leg Forms     √ Childrens Plastic Shell Forms

Jersey Forms • Shell Forms • Fashion Forms

Jersey forms offer a stylish, classic look that can be used with pins to create a tailored look, and to help hold garments in place. Plastic shell forms provide an economical and versatile solution, and they can be used on a wall or garment rack, or displayed from a hook.

Womans Jersey Dress Form
Jersey Forms Only $80.78 after discount
Mens muscular shell form
Plastic Shell Forms in stock

We Always Value Value at KC Store Fixtures

Studies show retailers using mannequins generally generate more sales compared to retailers who don’t. They also promote a better all-around shopping experience due to the enhanced store décor. Guide shoppers to items similar to those they’re looking at on the mannequin.

Mannequins don’t have to exhaust your budget. KC Store Fixtures offers some truly remarkable and value-oriented mannequins. Most noteworthy are fiberglass forms with realistic faces, and faceless options in male or female physiques. We also stock flexible child mannequins, flexible wire forms, molded plastic leg forms, and injection-molded plastic male, female, and child forms with hanging hooks.

Female Headless Style
Headless Styles Only $107.78 after discount
No Face Male Mannequin
Faceless Styles Only $123.98 after discount

Looking for More than Mannequins?

Please spend a little time with our on-line Catalog Division, where, in addition to mannequins and body forms, you’ll find thousands of standard fixtures and displays; slatwall, gridwall and pegboard; garment racks; showcases; retail store shelving; retail tables, bins and pedestals, and much more to enhance your store.

For truly custom merchandising possibilities for your store, or brand, please visit the new Studio Division website or contact Shelley Gummig at 816.842.8866 to learn more about how we really would like to help make “displays your way.”

*Offer discount expires 5/31/18. 10% discount valid on faceless, headless and flesh-tone mannequins, jersey forms and molded plastic shell forms. Use promo code UNREAL during check out process to receive discount. Other offers or discounts cannot be combined with . Excludes previous purchases, special or custom orders.