Shopping Baskets Make A Difference

Put baskets where customers can see them. Don’t put them in the Transition Zone -otherwise known the store entrance. Customers won’t really “see” them in this area of the store and are more likely to breeze by without stopping.

Place the baskets a little further inside to help increase sales.

Scatter them throughout the store. Customers may enter your retail store with one purchase in mind but be subsequently be lured into buying more things, either out of impulse or because they suddenly remember they need an extra this or that. Remember also to keep your stacks of baskets high enough so as not to inconvenience your customers – nobody likes stooping when they have their hands full. 

Offer a basket to customers carrying more than 3 items. The likely response is a smile from your customer (people like being helped) and a grateful acceptance of the shopping basket. After all, holding a basket is preferable to being hampered with no hands left to touch and read other items in the store.

Shopping Baskets
Handheld Shopping Baskets

Customers can order a set of 12 including chrome frame stand and sign. Each basket features metal handles that fold down allowing them to stack neatly and easily when not in use.