Sitting Pretty

Shoe shopping can be a fun day with friends. For some it’s a nerve-fraying visit with a toddler. In either scenario consumers want an inviting and comfortable in-store experience. A combination of visual merchandising, ample space and comfortable seating play an important role. Nothing takes the fun out of shoe shopping more than lack of seating. Try on a pair of shoes while leaning against a wall. Or worse, balancing on one foot like a flamingo. Customers don’t want to feel like their comfort is an after thought.

Provide a relaxing, well stocked and organized environment

Include sturdy seating and easy access to mirrors. Space seating no more than 10 feet apart. This gives customers plenty of room to sit, try on and walk around without venturing too far from their belongings.

Modern and sleek, this perforated metal shoe bench features a hammertone black finish. Tilted mirrors flank each end for convenience. Measuring 36″w x 16″d x 18″h, it provides easy accessibility while taking up very little space.

Shoe Bench
Provide convenience and comfort