Flexibility and Convenience with Grid

Are you looking for the Superhero of displays? When it comes to trade shows, art exhibit displays or other “knock-down” type booths, grid panels are the answer.

A Dynamic Duo

Heavy duty wire panels are easy to set up and their modular design gives limitless creative options when designing a layout. The added bonus is that these superheroes lie flat during transportation and require less space to store when not in use. But just like any superhero, there is always the understated, less glamorized sidekick that makes the superhero look good. For give this dynamic duo it’s superpower, you need the all important grid connectors. A hidden strength when setting up your grid display. Attached along the vertical edges, grid connectors provide a sturdy, rigid connection between panels while allowing flexibility to create your own configuration.

Display booth. Accessories.
10×10 trade show booth.

Grid panels are available in a variety of sizes and three colors. If you want a custom solution but don’t know where to start, give us a call. Our knowledgeable and friendly sales associates can help you .